Tulsa Zoo

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The Tulsa Zoo was the highlight of my trip to Oklahoma. It is easy to get lost here for a whole day.
There is a park surrounding the zoo, with plenty of areas to picnic and park. The entrance to the park is reasonable at $6.04, but if you have AAA, then a dollar is taken off. The special exhibits cost extra. I saw the butterfly exhibit, but it only cost a dollar and was well worth it.

When you enter the park, this is where you pay for the special exhibits. You are given a token, so be sure not to loose it. At this point they also give you a map of the zoo with a list and times of different shows and feeding times.
The zoo boasts a wide variety of animals and many fun facts and exhibits to go with them. You have the opportunity to see elephants, birds, monkeys, giraffes, and so much more. However, I suggest that you get there early in the morning, because that is when the animals are out. Around 3pm, when it gets really hot, the animals are hard to find.
I saw two of the shows that were offered that day. The first was the penguin show. It was somewhat interesting. The man who was running it was very informative and got the penguins to swim around the tank for us. The only complaint about the show was that there was very little room for everyone to stand in front of the tank window. If you go, I suggest you get there very early, and if you have kids, make sure that you get them up front and keep them there. Otherwise, they won't see anything and may get pushed out of the way by some of the adults.
The other show I saw was the seal show. Unlike at the penguin one, there is much more room around the pool, although the best areas do fill up fast.
My favorite part was the butterfly exhibit. This is the only a seasonal exhibit, but it was amazing. You get to walk around a small enclosed area filled with thousands of butterflies. You can get so close to them that it isn’t hard to walk away with several up-close pictures that would be almost impossible to take in the wild. There was even a booth with the cocoons hanging in them waiting to hatch.

Tulsa Zoo
5701 East 36th St North
Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74115
(918) 669-6200


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