Parrot Jungle Island

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Parrot Jungle

This whole summer trip started as a desire to recreate family memories I had as a child. I have photos of myself at 3 years old with a parrot on top of my head during a family vacation and again during my teens when we returned. I wanted to have the memories with my granddaughter. Of course the place has changed so much I never would have know it . . .the only thing I did recognize was the large parrot sign in front of the parking garage which was ‘restored’ and placed from the original Parrot Jungle. They still have a bird show at the parrot bowl which was very nice and they have also expanded into various other types of animals. They set up in a posing area (where personal cameras are not allowed) and take the photos you would like of your family holding parrots.

They have a wild animal show at the Jungle Theater which has the most creative ‘gotcha’ at the end. The show ends with them bringing out the most adorable Siberian tiger cub and baby chimpanzee . .they announce you can come up and get your photo take (up to five in a group) for a 40.00 donation to their wildlife fund . .after you tell the kids you are willing to do that - - -as you present your payment they ask you which animal you want your photo with - -one animal is 40.00 two is 60.00 GOT YA!!! So you get a real nice photo for 60.00.

They had the largest alligator which is really worth seeing. . .they call it the ‘crocosaurus’. Hugh is an understatement!!! Then also have a cross between a lion and tiger called a liger which is a real focal po9int of the park. Peanut and Pumkin are their twin baby orangutans who are very cute.

This is a very nice ½ day event. It will keep you very entertained and the lots to see. Bring quarters for the feed machines you will walk by since the kids will want to feed the birds an every opportunity!!!! Adults are about 26.00/ per person and children are about 21.00.
Jungle Island
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