Union Station

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by onesundaymorning on August 5, 2006

Union Station is beautiful. It offers a great opportunity to shop and take pictures. Inside there are tons of shopping centers and a variety of fast-food places to eat. The station is also connected to a hotel, but the name of it escapes me at the moment. There are a couple of restaurants in the station as well.
Union Station is located just off the highway, and there is gated parking in the back that charges by the hour. I did see security patrolling the parking lot while I was there. One of the fun parts is a huge pond that they have, which is filled with fish. Kids can feed them and watch them jump on top of each other. There are also a couple of turtles hidden among the fish. If you are looking to relax, you can sit at an outside table, next to the pond, and eat.
St. Louis Union Station
1820 Market St
St. Louis, Missouri, 63103
(314) 421-6655


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