Coco Bongo

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by bobert3189 on August 3, 2006

Location: Hotel Zone
Admission: 40 USD 44 Pesos for Open Bar.

Coco Bongo was my favorite nightclub in Cancun. It was a night club mixed with a little Vegas flair. They had amazing acrobatic shows almost every hour. My favorite shows were the rope dancers. People would be lifted into the air on what looked like twisted sheets and they would spin and flip and twirl around the sheets. I wish I could do that. Between the shows they played all assortments of music from the YMCA to Sandstorm. People danced up on chairs and bars to escape the crowd on the floor. Luckily I found this small raised platform about a foot off the ground to dance on. During the musical intermissions of the performances there were these "whistle girls" lurking around. They would come up to you and blow their whistle in your face and then start to force shots of some kind of alcohol down your throat. Then they would ask for money after. Beware of the whistle girls you'll leave broke! At the end of the night around 4ish the crowed starts to dwindle and they play mostly Spanish music. We left the club at 4:30am and when we got out side we were shocked at how hot it was outside as compared to where we just were. (The club is nicely air-conditioned so you can dance you butt off and not sweat a drop.) It was a great club and I will have to go back again.
You can check out photos and upcoming events on their website: Coco Bongo
Coco Bongo Cancun
Boulevard Kulkulcan 9.5 Plaza Forum By The Sea
Cancun, Mexico
(998) 883 -061

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