The Pyramids of Teotihuacan

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These grand pyramids, Pyramid de la Luna (Pyramid of the Moon) and the Pyramid del Sol (Pyramid of the Sun), are amazing reminders of a civilization long past. On either end of a long street, Calzada de los Muertos (Street of the Dead), sits the two large pyramids. We were first led to La Ciudadela (the Citadel). We walked through the ruins, where our guide conveyed some of the history of the site. We were shown some paintings that were found in the excavations of the site.

We were then given free time to walk around, climb the pyramids if we so chose, and visit the museum. I opted to skip the smaller Pyramid of the Moon and to attack the Pyramid of the Sun, the third largest pyramid in the world. On the long walk down the Street of the Dead towards the pyramid, I was approached by many vendors trying to sell their wares. They are extremely persistent, so you may need to be a bit more forceful than a gracious.

The stairs to the pyramid were steep and the air thin due to the high altitude, so needless to say, I took my time getting up the steps. There is a railing to hold on to if needed. The climb was definitely worth it for the views of the site that can only be seen at the top.

After my descent, I decided to go take a peek into the museum on-site. The museum was informative and interesting, but after having spent a day at the Museo Nacional de Antropologia, I was a bit overloaded on historical information.
Pirámides de Teotihuacan
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