Easter Sunday at Lazienki Park

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by sararevell on July 31, 2006

Jarek, our host at the Boutique B&B recommended this park and seeing as our guidebook had dedicated almost two whole chapters to the park, we decided to follow the advice of both parties.

We started at the western end of Poniatowski Bridge, on al. Jerozolimskie. From here we walked south, stopping by the Sappers Memorial, which has quite an impressive approach along Prusa Avenue. Our guidebook didn’t really explain it’s significance though and even after Internet searches I’m still non the wiser! We noticed many families out and about and the day definitely had a holiday feel about it.

We walked back along the avenue and up to a viewing terrace just below Frascati Street. Walking along Frascati you pass Poland’s Houses of Parliament to join Piekna Gornoslaska. We passed John Lennon street (!) and entered the north gate of Ujazdowski Park. This park is quite small and manicured and a neat introduction to Lazienki Park proper, which is a wonderful park to spend a day exploring. It’s not a bad idea to have a decent map of the park to ensure you don’t pass by sights such as the dramatic Chopin monument and the Palace on the Water. From here you can also access the Belvedere restaurant.

The park was filled with couples, children, peacocks, ducks, and red squirrels. We enjoyed viewing the Chopin monument even though it overlooked a dry pond (and not a lake as our guidebook had informed us.) Just opposite the Palace on the Water we stopped at a food stall for a gaufre with cream and tinned fruit cocktail for $2. The menu was in Polish only so we pointed to an item and hoped for the best, and despite the lack of fresh ingredients, it was quite tasty!

Lazienki Park
Al. Ujzadowski
Warsaw, Poland, 00-460


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