Rain Forrest -El Yunque

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by jonbarb709 on July 30, 2006

There are 13 hiking trails. Keep that in mind. You stop at the Visitors Center first - pick up a map - go to the bathroom. OK now ask about the trails. Pick one maybe 2 at the most. One is better. Go to it, stop the car, and walk. And maybe walk and walk and walk. Whatever they told you on how far and how long it will take to do the trail, double it. Remember it is a rain forest - it may rain, be prepared. Hat, rain gear, water, definitely water, if its in the summer time. It was hot in May.
El Yunque National Forest
Road 191, Off Highway 3 To Luquillo Beach
Palmer, Puerto Rico, 00721
(787) 888-1880


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