Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Ujjay on July 29, 2006

Well I live in DC so I walked to the Capital.

It was July 4th, our nations birthday. Good ole America. It started out with me walking for about an hour because I was too cheap to get a bus. I walked past the white house to the capital, and reached the stands where they were having the fireworks starting.

I first waited in line for a pizza slice, although it was incredibly over priced, I was hungry so I waited in line. Take my advice, buy the food from another place, then bring it with you. I had to wait in line an hour just to find out that there was no more pizza.

Also, bring a towel with you, you don’t want to sit on the muddy ground and get your pants dirty.

Well anyway I got out of the line just in time, as the fireworks were beginning. It was an assortment of flashes and patterns I’ve never seen before. They ranged all colors, from blue, to green to orange to purple. They lasted thirty minutes, but it was so enjoyable I could have sworn it went on longer. The patterns went on different shapes like hearts, circles, even a flag! There were huge firework explosions that engulfed the sky. It is really worth it to see it.

After they were over, all the buses were crowded, and it would take hours to catch one, so I had to take a cab.

Bottom line, bring your car, towel and food. Also I wouldn’t recommend traveling DC just to see these, so the fireworks at your own town. Trust me, you should save the time if you don’t live in the metropolitan area.
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