Field Museum (The)

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by amber02 on July 26, 2006

I think the Field Museum is an okay place to visit. I think I went here expecting a lot of neat things, but was disappointed to find that this museum was costly and not really all that interesting. The exhibits that were included in the base price were really not that great and anything that seemed unique and interesting cost more. They had a bunch of exhibits, but nothing really outstanding or mind boggling. The one thing I did like here was the jewels room, which housed many precious and priceless jewels and stones. If you are visiting here, make sure to bring along your student ID, because it will save you a few dollars on admission. There is also a McDonalds in the basement of this place for those of you looking for something to eat as you browse.
Field Museum
1400 South Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, Illinois, 60605
(312) 922-9410

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