Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Sabina315 on July 24, 2006

Teotihuacan is a short drive from Mexico City proper and, in my opinion, is totally worth the ride. I visited before a Wal-Mart was built within view of the pyramids, but a visit now is still a good way to see ruins without going as far as Chichen-Itza. Climbing the pyramids is a challenge, but the view from the top is beautiful, and you can tell how much work went into constructing the site. A short tour provided good information about how the site used to look (where houses and markets were, etc.), and we took time to explore on our own. There is a small touristy market by the exit and various vendors walking around who may bother you, but simply ignore them or tell them you aren't interested in their wares and continue exploring. If you can only climb one pyramid, scale the Piramide del Sol, the bigger of the two.
Pirámides de Teotihuacan
Carretera México Teotihuacan Km. 46 (zona Arqueológica De Teotihuacan)
San Juan Teotihuacan, Mexico, 03010
+52 5 9560052


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