Grand Ole Opry

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Red Mezz on July 24, 2006

It's impossible to review the city of Nashville and not include the legendary Grand Ole of the biggest tourist attractions to the city.
The two seem to go hand in hand, you hardly seem to hear one name with out the other. If you are a country music fan, either from today, or from back in the good old days when the Opry first began, or even just have a soft spot for the special style of country music and its influence on the city, then The Grand Ole Opry is something you really shouldn't miss.
It's not a cheap attraction, although there is free admission to the Grand Ole Opry museum next door with exhibits honoring the careers of a vast list of legendary country music stars. To see a live performance in the Opry, the tickets range from $30-$50, which isn't pocket change but is actually pretty good value for what you can get and some of the people who play here.
Having lived in the Nashville area for so long I had, of course, never been myself until some friends from Houston came to visit and wanted to do the town. The Opry was, of course, high on their list of things they wanted to see and do.
There is a wonderful intimacy to the size and venue at the Opry. It's hard to explain with out having been there yourself, but I went in expecting it to be like every other live music performance I'd ever been to in Nashville (and that's been quite a few over the years) and came out with a whole new admiration and respect for the place. One of the shows we saw was Doug Stone in the second rows of the Grand Ole Opry House, and all I can say is that it was like Doug Stone had come to do a personal performance for me and my friends. The artists have a well developed sense of awe and admiration for the place, and that passes straight on to the viewer. I have seen so many live music performances in my life I lost count long ago...but all of them chase the Opry for first. Doug Stone was not, by a long stretch, the best performer I've ever seen; but the performance in this historical living museum of Nashville's heritage is something that stands on it's own to this day.
The list of performers almost constantly playing at the Opry is always impressive, and there are a variety of options (including a back stage tour) depending on your level of interest.
This is The experience of Nashville experiences.
Grand Ole Opry
2804 Opryland Drive
Nashville, Tennessee, 37214
(615) 871-6779

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