Wildhorse Saloon

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Red Mezz on July 23, 2006

If Tootsie's Orchid Lounge is the hometown bar with the intimate feel of a personal venue full of old friends, then The Wildhorse Saloon is the big time where you go when the big pay check comes in and you’re ready to spend it well.
For any first timer's to Nashville, if you're not interested in country music, not really wanting to drink, and don't care much about nightlife (then you probably should have chosen another destination) but if this is the case and you just want to see a bit of Nashville, the Wildhorse is still somewhere that shouldn't be missed. Have a walk around it in the afternoon when it's still virtually empty, it's the very essence of what's great and unique about Nashville, and more than likely you'll want to come back for some of the fun later on.

But if you are in Nashville for precisely the kinds of things the Wildhorse promises, you won't be disappointed. The atmosphere is fantastic here, and the award winning restaurant is top notch (have some of the BBQ) and are open from 11am to midnight. There really is a little bit of something for everyone here. The place itself is stunning, and rather huge. Some of the murals on the walls are breathtaking. It's impossible not to get full into the honky tonk spirit of Nashville here at the Wildhorse, and should be one of your first stops.

There's dancing and live music, including some very big names such from time to time. The Wildhorse's line dancing has long been telecast on CMT for those who watch it. And there are even dance lessons available starting at 6pm and running for an hour.

It's at a great spot in the centre of Nashville, right on the great Second Avenue and hard to miss. On a side note, if your only in Nashville for a night or an afternoon, and want the purest, best way to get a sample of the city in a short time, wander down Second Avenue and then stop in the Wildhorse. Order the fried pickle appetizers and soak it all up. It's the best all over taste of Nashville you can get, and after a small sample will bring you back again and again.

Wildhorse Saloon
120 2nd Ave. North
Nashville, Tennessee, 37201
(615) 902-8200


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