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Chinchero is almost 400m higher than Cusco, so make sure you have your Diamox if you are prone to altitude sickness. There is wonderful Sunday market here, almost rivalling the one in Pisac in scale, but with fewer tourists. Prices here are lower too, as tourists are still a novelty here and the villagers are more interested in talking to you than selling their wares. There are the smaller scale Inca ruins here and a colonial church. There is also a small museum displaying local artifacts.

We did a home stay here (about $5 per night),which we arranged through a nonprofit organisation. Despite its bare-bones level of comfort, proved to be an amazing experience and definitely the highlight of our trip. Bring a dictionary so that you can communicate with the families in Spanish or Quecha. For more information about the home stay, visit their website at andeantravelweb.

28 kilómetros Cusco
Cusco, Peru

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