Build Your Own Guitar in India!!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by omom on July 5, 2006

I came across some posters in Delhi and in Manali that were advertising "build your own guitar" in Goa. Where on earth can you take part in a course like this and be able to afford it...and in Goa??? Guys, girls, I fully recommend it, not just the guitar you will end up with but standing by Chris, the teacher, the luthier, and having him explain and show and guide you in his calm way—for sure an experience by itself. One other guy—an Australian—was building a guitar and he was in tears, he was not just transforming wood into a guitar but his whole SELF was transforming. We spent time on the beach together watching the sunset, relaxing towards another day of amazing fun—some hard work but super fulfilling. When we finished we jammed together on the guitars that we built!!! Chris has a website—check him out!!
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