Tre Scalini

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by jphil on July 4, 2006

By the time we made it to the Piazza Navona, we were absolutely ravenous. We decided to find a café to grab a bite before moving on. This was not a difficult feat. We had waiters trying to tempt us to eat at their café at multiple restaurants. We decided on one and sat down at an outdoor table in front. We were given menus and decided to split a couple of sandwiches. Our waiter took our order and then returned to inform us that they no longer had one of the sandwiches we wanted. We decided on a pizza instead. Having ordered our food and drink, the waiter brought over our iced coffee and lemon iced tea, both of which were terrific. The iced coffee came to the table with two miniature flags sticking out of the straws in celebration of the World Cup. He made sure one of the flags was the American flag for us.

The food arrived and either we were just so hungry as to be delirious, or else the food was wonderful. It was not the most authentic Italian food you will find, as the restaurant is located in such a touristy area, but it is definitely worth a try if you want to soak up the atmosphere of the Piazza Navona.

As we sat eating our food, a boy set himself in front of the café and started playing his violin and singing to entertain the patrons and the people in the square. We finished our food and sat gathering our energy for some more sight-seeing. As we were sitting, we witnessed a long argument ensuing at the next table over. Every time we thought the argument had finished, it would start all over again. Finally, with a “Basta; basta.” One of the parties got up and left the table.

With our bit of Italian excitement over, we paid and moved on to our next Rome spot. If you decide to try Tre Scalini, they also offer what looked like wonderful gelato. We saw many patrons walking around eating it, but were too full to try it ourselves.
Tre Scalini
Piazza Navona, 28
Rome, Italy, 00186
39 0668801996

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