The Belfort - Views

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by mightywease on July 1, 2006

The phrase “No pain, no gain” quite aptly fits the climb to the top of the Belfort.

First for the pain part! The 366 steps of the spiral stone and wooden staircase are a little hard on the feet—and the thigh muscles!

However, there are places where you can stop and rest for a while on the way, although with traffic moving up behind you and coming down ahead of you passing can be quite tricky (but a useful way to practice saying “After You” and “Thank You” in various languages!”)

The gain part of the equation comes from the wonderful panoramic views of Bruges you get from the top. Well worth the aching muscles!

Pack a camera for the views and a sturdy pair of shoes for the climb Then, after 366 steps up and 366 steps down, reward yourself with a cup of coffee or a cold Belgian beer!
Belfry Tower/Belfort of Bruges
Markt Square
Bruges, Belgium

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