Stone Camp at Mkhaya Game Reserve

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by ladyanne47 on June 30, 2006

When my son called home to tell us about this great experience at Stone Camp at the Mkhaya Game Reserve, I could not imagine until I saw these photos how wonderful it was, a true "Bush" experience in the wilds of Africa in Swaziland. He tried to explain that the bathrooms were next to the jungle, open walls with stone pillars that allowed you a view of the flora as you sat on the toilet. Now that is a vision.

The food was wonderful and there was always enough to eat. The people are very friendly and kind. They gathered under the "sausage tree" to eat outside. Lanterns were used for light, and nets were pulled around the beds that were in the open air under grass roofs.

This Camp is well known for it's simple and sensible approach to viewing a game reserve.
My son was crazy about it. He can't stop talking about this as a true "African" cultural experience. All these photos were taken by the RMC Discipleship School students from Illinois.

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