The Fountain of Wealth

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by kylita on June 30, 2006

This fountain is located at Suntec City and the sign claims that it is the largest fountain in the world. We took the CityBuzz bus there and were very surprised to see that it was actually turned off. The fountain is located in the middle of a roundabout and you have to enter the mall and go up and down the stairs to get there. When we questioned some workers about why the fountain wasn’t on, they said it was because it is only on at certain times of the day. We also realized that since it wasn’t on, you are allowed to actually go up to the water and touch it to bring yourself good luck. In the base of the fountain, there was a platform leading out the running water. According to the sign, you are supposed to touch the water, make a wish, and then walk around the fountain three times in a clockwise direction.. So we followed the directions and hopefully, our luck will never run out and our wishes will come true! My friend even bought a souvenir test tube of the water to make sure that that happens.
Fountain of Wealth
5 Temasek Blvd
Singapore, Singapore, 38985
+65 6295 2888

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