Southernmost Point in the Nation

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One of the most photographed places in the city!

Tourists, tourists everywhere. Standing in a line, just to get a picture of themselves in front of the Southernmost Point buoy. This must be the most photographed place in Key West. Aren’t these people aware of the fact that this isn’t the Southernmost Point of the continental USA at all? The real Southernmost Point (geographically) is on the property of the United States Navy and is of course not accessible to the public. That’s why the buoy is standing at the corner of South Street and Whitehead Street.

Almost every company near the Southernmost Point has a fascination with the word ‘Southernmost’. Just notice what they have done with their company name. It always starts with the word Southernmost. For example: Southernmost Contractor, Southernmost Grocery & Deli, Southernmost Hotel, Southernmost Insurance Agency, etc. Personally, I don’t care if their location is Southernmost or not. However, the nomination of Southernmost seems to be very important to them.

When we visited this place last May, I noticed that the paintwork on the buoy was in a worse condition. The last letters of Southernmost Point were missing as you can see it in the picture below. This is the result of the 2005 hurricane-season. Also the houses in the area were badly damaged. Houses and brick walls were destroyed by the power of the hurricanes. On top of that hurricane Wilma caused flooding. The salt water destroyed much of the fauna. The island is not as green as it used to be.

In spite of the fact that tourists overrun this place daily; we always visit it at least once during our stay in Key West. Just to people watch and of course for the spot itself. Well it’s something you have to do when you're in Key West I guess. We all are One Human Family after all. Speaking of this. While you are there look for the mosaic tile work on the side curb of Whitehead Street. If you can’t find it, a merchant probably put his business on top of it? Even in paradise, business goes first.
Southernmost Point Key West
Whitehead And South Streets
Key West, Florida, 33040

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