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Member Rating 4 out of 5 by btwood2 on June 24, 2006

Driving around Victoria, we seemed to come across another Travelers Inn around every corner. Since there are 14 of them in Victoria, that’s not too difficult. We chose Travelers Inn Express because it seemed to have everything we needed and wanted for the lowest price, offering a discounted weekly rate of C$535 (August 2005). Less the GST tax rebate so kindly offered to foreigners. The two-story, 27-room centrally located Express is only a 5-minute drive from downtown and the Inner Harbor. And just around the corner from an Extended-Stay Travelers Inn.

Small touches were what I particularly appreciated at Travelers Inn. Such as plates, bowls, a couple of coffee mugs, and flatware for two, serrated steak knife, even dish towel! Besides the coffee pot, an extra pot just for heating hot water (presumably for tea). Plenty of electric outlets and strategically placed lights, all with simple switches that didn’t take a course of study to figure out how they worked. A long ledge extending from the bathroom counter all the way to the shower/tub made it easy to store all our bathroom stuff. Shampoo, conditioner, make-up remover, and even a cute little sewing kit, compliments of Travelers Inn.

Breakfasts and the occasional leftover were easy to fix/heat up in our room, thanks to convenient presence of fridge, microwave, and coffeemaker. We brought our own small toaster.

We quickly devised computer stations for us both; enough chairs and flat surfaces so that neither of us had to sit on the bed or anything too makeshift. So we downloaded and edited our photos at the end of each day in comfort. The unfortunate deficiency was that we were unable to connect to the advertised wireless Internet from our rooms. They hadn’t as yet got the bugs out of this relatively new (a month or two) system. Apparently it’s working at some of their motels but not at others. To Travelers Inn’s credit, they sent techies over to try to solve the problem, but to no avail. I walked over to the Extended Stay Travelers kitty-corner from the Express, where I was welcome to use their desktop for guests to take care of email. Bob was able to get his laptop to connect in certain locations of the Express parking lot, closer to the street, and in their office.

Club Phoenix Gym was only a couple of blocks down the street, and guests are allowed free use. Mostly, we were too busy sightseeing, but I managed to squeeze in one workout.

Décor is standard motelese, but everything was clean and in working order—phones, cable TV, bath and shower, even air-conditioner. This vintage 1961 motel was completely renovated only a couple of years ago, in 2003. Our nonsmoking room was downstairs. The motel filled up on weekends, but parking and upstairs noise was never a problem. We could pick up a free daily newspaper in the lobby every morning. Staff was friendly and accommodating.

Travellers Inn - Express
626 Gorge Road East
Victoria, British Columbia, V8T2W6
(250) 370-1000

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