New York, New York

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by two cruisers on June 22, 2006

Just like the real New York, New York, floor space is at a premium. There is no outsized lobby here. The emphasis is on the vertical. Look up from your slot machine and admire the details of the New York theme. We looked up and got a kick out of seeing the Statue of Liberty posed like Marilyn Monroe over the subway grate. The casino was upgrading or installing a large section of new video style slot machines. Other areas of the casino were set in Central Park, or Times Square. A row of shops imitated SoHo, flanked part of the casino. My husband had very good luck with his favorite game. My favorite game wasn’t available yet. I ran through my gambling allowance quickly, and then wandered the “city” sightseeing. On the Mezzanine level we found a few more shops and the skywalks to MGM Grand and Excalibur. From the MGM skywalk we looked down on the Brooklyn Bridge and a New York street scene. Look up and you can see the New York skyline.

American Restaurant was where we met for lunch. The only problem was that at 11:30am they were still serving breakfast. We had Ham and Eggs and Steak and Eggs, coffee, and tip for $33. The food was cooked right and tasted good. Suspended from the ceiling is a gigantic map of the United States. The states are slightly distorted in shape, but it was fun to pick out each one. The map reminded me of a 6th grade project where you glued regional crops on each state. Sure enough, this one had corn on Iowa, wheat on Kansas. I couldn’t see Nevada, but I bet it had a slot machine.

New York New York Hotel and Casino
3790 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, Nevada

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