Little Havana

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Salons, bakeries, cigar factories, and 99-cent stores line Calle Ocho. It was not beautiful, but it had a lot of character.

Things to do/see:

Watch Cuban guys in guayaberas playing dominoes at the Maimo Gomez Park
Enjoy the tranquility at the Cuban Memorial (SE 13th Avenue) and admire the Virgin Mary status and giant old tree behind it
Stop at one of the many coffee shops along Calle Ocho. Check out the laundry places that also serve coffee. It’s pretty amusing.
Enjoy refreshing fruit juice, such as sugarcane juice, at La Pinatenos Fruteria at 13th Avenue. It was hard to move around in the store, as the entire store was packed with stuff: cartons of fruits, jam, flowers, memorabilia… The display was messy, yet it has the charm of a mom-and-pop store.
Roam around the street, watch the people, and listen to salsa music blasting from record stores.
Shop at one of the many 99-cent stores, although you might not find anything you want to buy.

Little Havana
Miami River, Sw 11th Street, Sw 22nd Ave. And I-95
Miami, Florida

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