Kapalicarsi (Closed Bazaar)

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Beware: Closed bazaar has many gates. If you promise a friend to meet at the gate of Kapalicarsi, that means you will never see each other again. If you are coming from Sultanahmet, it is advised to enter from Nuruosmaniye gate (near Nuruosmaniye mosque).

Unless you have excellent negotiation skills, it is not advised to shop here. But do not miss the architecture behind the shops.

If you would like to stop for lunch break, Havuzlu Lokanta is advised. This lokanta (simply restaurant in Turkish), typically lunch restaurant for the locals and the tourists still maintains good quality. You can choose your food by pointing at the window. Food is good, fresh but a bit more pricy than normal lokantas, which are spread all over the city, due to its unique location and reputable name.

To head to the Egyptian Bazaar, you should take Oruculer port.

Grand Bazaar (Kapali Carsi)
Kalpakcilarbasi Street
Istanbul, Turkey


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