Skybridge Visit at Petronas Twin Tower

Member Rating 0 out of 5 by beautysan on June 13, 2006

As a local, I did what the tourists do and visited the Skybridge (10 years after it has been open to the public! Shame on me!)—the 88 storeys Petronas Twin Tower, once the highest tower in the world.

The double-decked Skybridge is located at the 41st and 42nd storey, connecting the twin tower in mid-air. We took the speedy elevator up to the Skybridge, travelling at an amazing rate of 3.5m to 7m per second! On the Skybridge, sweeping view of Kuala Lumpur is presented under our eyes. We were only allowed 15 minutes time on the Skybridge, which is really short compared to the time spent in the queue, but it's worth it for this architectural marvel. Don't forget to visit the exhibition hall on the ground floor for the explanations of the architecture, lifts, Skybridge, etc.

As we needed to get tickets to the Skybridge (only limited number of tickets are given out each day, and they are free), we had to queue up very early in the morning, at around 7am (on weekends), in order to get the tickets! I queued up for the ticket twice, and half way thru the queue (around 8:30am), they have already ran out of tickets I had to come back again some other time! So, I would strongly recommend tourists to visit the Skybridge on weekdays, as weekdays are usually the off- peak visiting period.

Petronas Twin Towers
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