Sunscape Punta Cana Grand

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by brookie51984 on February 23, 2006

It was the honeymoon that I had always dreamed about. We left the morning after our wedding for our dream vacation. The all-inclusive resort took our breaths away. Neither of us had ever taken a vacation to the Caribbean before, and we were speechless. The water was beautiful, the beach was beautiful, and the resort was everything we had imagined. Every morning we woke up and got breakfast at the buffet (one of four restaurants), and after that we either went to the beach, or to the pool—most days we would spend time at both. Because it was all-inclusive, we had endless drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and endless food, and we made sure to drink plenty of water because the sun really does dry you out! At about 5pm everyday we would head back to our room (beautiful room), and get ready to go out for the night. We had a choice of restaurants between an average American restaurant, a Southwestern restaurant, an Italian restaurant (my personal favorite), and a buffet, which was often set up outside in front of the stage. One of the nights the buffet was actually on the beach, which was amazing. All of the restaurants were delicious. After dinner we would head to the stage and watch the nightly show. They would usually play a short movie for the kids (there weren't all that many children the week that we were there), and then they would start the show. Most nights the show consisted of a mix of music and dancing in any particular genre. My favorite was the Latin night. The dancing was wonderful and it was incredibly enjoyable. I wouldn't take this vacation back for anything in the world, it really was the trip of a lifetime!
Sunscape Punta Cana Grand All-Inclusive
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

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