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Member Rating 4 out of 5 by shepherd333 on May 4, 2006

The "Hedonism III" resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica is "original" to say the very least. Get used to seeing some very strange things.

From the airport, it is about a 2 hour cab ride to get to Hedonism III. The resort sent a van to pick us up, along with 2 other couples.

This resort is spread out over the property. There is a main hotel area (which is where we stayed), which is only a few floors high. It is square-shaped and features a pool/patio/swim-up bar in the center. There are also private villas along the beach for those who want their privacy. (but you'll pay alot more for those).

We checked into our room after nightfall, and upon entering our room, immediately noticed that we could see people showering across the way! Apparently, the showers/jacuzzis are strategically placed in front of the picture windows, so that other guests can get an eyeful. It's great if you're an exhibitionist, but for those who don't feel like showering in front of the world, you can close the blinds so nobody can see in. Speaking of the jacuzzi, it can fit several people and has a mirror above it. The bed also has a ceiling mirror as well. It should also be mentioned that each room receives the Playboy channel for free.

There are two beaches....the "nude" side and the "prude" side. You aren't allowed on the nude side if you have any clothing on whatsoever...however, nude people are allowed onto the prude side if they choose. There are several pools on the property. The main pool features a waterslide, volleyball net, and an actual pool table right in the middle of the pool! There's also a circus workshop where you could learn to swing on the trapeze! The beaches leave something to be desired however. They are rather small, and the sand isn't that nice.

At night, the resort puts on different "theme" nights. One night was "pajama party" where we saw everything from flannels to lingerie...there was even a woman that showed up completely nude wearing only a belt and heels! Other themed nights included "toga night" and "disco night". Some outfits looked like something you'd see in an adult film. Speaking of adult films...they were filming one in a bungalow not far from our room. Every once in a while they'd come out to shoot a scene in the pool. In addition, the WWF was there to shoot their annual calendar featuring the female wrestlers. We saw Chyna, Lita, and a few others being photographed along the property.

This resort also features several restaurants depending on your taste. There is a main open-air buffet, which serves a little bit of everything. There is also an Italian restaurant which requires reservations and is a little more on the dressier side. The same goes for the Japanese restaurant.

You're guaranteed to see some "interesting" things while staying at "Hedonism III". This "adult-themed" resort is definitely for the uninhibited traveler!

Hedonism III

Runaway Bay, Jamaica


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