The Adante Hotel

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by Pony Boy on January 7, 2006

Well, if you’re looking for a budget hotel, this is your place. Keep in mind, however, that you get what you pay for, which was about $100 a night. Maybe I'm being a bit too harsh, but the hotel is very old and the room we stayed in was probably 8x10. That size room was enough for a queen-size bed and about an extra 3 feet from the bed to the door. The elevator sounded old and creaky, but it was serviceable. There wasn't much from an amenity standpoint. Outside of a wake-up call service and views of taller buildings outside of the one window, it's pretty much just a place to sleep in and that's it.

On the plus side, however, there is an Internet cafe that is connected to the hotel and a free continental breakfast, and the hotel staff there was VERY friendly and helpful. The hotel also offers a shuttle to/from the airport for $20 per person, which is a deal considering a cab ride would run you around $40.

The location of the hotel isn't bad. Make sure you ask for directions from the staff if you go out walking around. Three blocks the wrong way and  you’re in a very rough area, and three blocks the right way will take you to trendy Union Square and many trolley stations. There are also many homeless people begging for money on the streets around there. If you can put up with just using the hotel to sleep in, the location of the hotel to everything else in the city is very good and the price is very reasonable.

Adante Hotel
610 Geary Street
San Francisco, California, 94102

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