Grand Hyatt Taipei

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by gregsmithsays on December 29, 2005

The Grand Hyatt is not only about accommodation, which it provides with effortless ease, but also  the experience. The scale of the place is phenomenal. The Taiwanese love things to be opulent and large. This Grand Hyatt offers that in tasteful simplicity. The hotel is central, and the beauty of staying here is you can sneak out the door, and with a simple walk, you are enveloped in markets and the vibe that brings me to the city.

As for the comfort of the hotel, I was obviously pleased with the staff, who were very efficient and well trained, to a standard that is almost taken for granted. The atmosphere was calming, and this was incredible, because I personally felt the Grand Hyatt to be like a retreat within the city, especially needed when you have been frayed at the edges by a intense day in the city. The foyer had a fellow playing the grand piano, and this was a wonderful place to sit and relax. Comparing the value to the price, it is one of the very best I have enjoyed, and the views were great, too.

Grand Hyatt Taipei
.2, Sung Shou Road
Taipei, Taiwan
+886 (2) 2720-1234

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