Sportsmen's Lodge

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by MCJ graduate on November 26, 2005

The resort offers you a boat and a motor without charging you more for either. This is a great since most resorts will charge you an extra charge for both. Also, there is a special air water tank that John allows you to store your bait in so they will live longer. Last, we received a discount (25%) on the rental because it was not the normal tourist season (it was late fall). But you have to stay at least 3 days for this discount.

There only two drawbacks of this resort. One, the resort is located on a steep location. When you have to walk up and down the hill to the boat dock, it can be tiring. I would not recommend this resort for older people or people with physical disabilities. And two, after the normal tourist season is over (usually the second week of October), the power and electric company drains some of the water around the resorts on Moose Lake to safe energy. This leads to difficulty in getting into the boats because the boats are not close to the water and there are huge boulders around them. We had to have John rig up an aluminum stepladder for us to get out of the boat, and we had to slide off the dock and land standing up in the middle of the boat to board it.

In spite of the two drawbacks I listed above, I highly recommend this resort. The resort owners are kind and the accommodations are clean and comfortable. The resort is located on Moose Lake; the address is 7595 W. Pine Point Rd., Hayward, WI 54843; and the phone number is 715/462-3847 or 715/462-9402.
Sportsmen's Lodge
7595 W Pine Point Road
Hayward, Wisconsin, 54843

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