Hotel Labnah

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by JesusW on March 27, 2005

Great location within walking (read steps, not miles) distance from the beach and to the main activities area.

You will find this place a little treasure as the prices are very reasonable (it was usd$45 for the basic room with no view); the rooms are nice, clean and roomy; showers fully work and are spotless; interior garden has a great looking pool and you can actually sleep without the noise of fifth below your window.

What do you need your hotel at Playa for? That is the main question to answer in order to choose this hotel. If you need a place between the beach and the food/shooping area, it's difficult to beat this one. You walk half a block to the beach during the day and the other half at evenings to get food, souvenirs, amd entertainment. It's also only three blocks from the bus station.

The architecture of the hotel is based on the Mayan "False" Arch which you will notice in their logo and constructins around the garden, the main door is modeled after the one found in the archeological site of Lab Nah, in the Yucatan Peninsula. The garden is small but cozzy and is designed in a way to make it more interesting while including the pool. I never used it as I prefer to swim in the ocean and lie down on the sand.

Walking from the hotel to the beach took less than five minutes and you get in a very nice zone with some beachside restaurants and bars so you don't need to walk too far to find a comfortable spot to set your towel in. At night looking for food, you won't need to walk more than 3 blocks to get all the food options you are looking for and after you get all the good bars. Perfect location whatever point of view you see it from.

Sincerely, I can't find any arguments against this place: the price is right, the location is hard to beat, and the accommodations are good.

Their website comes in English, Italian, French and Spanish, rates are always current.

You can contact them on the web: Hotel Lab Nah

Hotel Labnah
6th St. N
Playa del Carmen, Mexico
984 873-2099

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