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Post Hurricane Wilma
The Poc Na was damaged, but they are now open. Only 4 staff members remained during the hurricane. They are over worked and not sleeping much these days. Cleanliness suffered, but the guests pitched in. Most of the palm trees in the camping area are now chopped into tables and seats. The beach bar is closed and there is a diminshed party scene. Myself and the 40 others still had a great time. The room I always stay in was damaged and closed along with several others. Ended up in a dorm with regular bunk beds, which was noisier than the other style of room. Give them some time and like the rest of the area they will be back and better than ever.

Imagine a square, igloo-like room with rough, white-stucco walls. The beds are built into the walls, two lower and two upper on each side. There are shelves by head of bed and large lockers underneath for storage. Bring your own lock. There is the standard shower, toilet, and sinks in each room. Sheet deposit is 100 MXP, refundable. I splurged the extra few dollars for air-conditioning and had the room to myself for 2 nights; on the third night, the room was shared with two other women.

The dorm rooms do not have locks on the door, so people can enter your room anytime.

Camping on the sand is available for about $6. It has a nice, friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Hang out in a hammock or at the beach bar getting to know people from all over the world. Breakfast includes toast and tea.

Calle Matamoras 15
Isla Mujeres, Mexico


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