Victoria Palace

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by wanderer 2005 on May 13, 2005

The Victoria Palace Hotel is a small, quaint four-star retreat off a side street, around the corner from Montparnasse Tower. With only 62 rooms, the attention to detail and service is true French hospitality.

As you step into the lobby, there’s a small cocktail lounge to your right. To your left is another small sitting room, complete with a fireplace and plush couches and chairs.

After check-in, you have your choice of a glass elevator or a beautiful spiral staircase to take you up to your room. There are only five floors, so the staircase isn’t too bad of a idea.

Our room was just as plush as the sitting room downstairs. As you walk into the foyer, there’s a closet with a safe and a separate room with only a commode. Step through the foyer door into your room, with all four walls covered in French fabric and a slight padding, making it nice and soundproof. A small window overlooks a private courtyard. The room has a small fridge/honor bar.

The bathroom is entirely marble and comes equipped with a hair dryer, robes, house shoes, and your regular amenities, like shampoo and lotion. The shower/tub is all marble, with the Victoria Palace logo etched into it--a very nice touch. The tub also comes equipped with a full-size shower curtain, a rarity in Europe.

For an added touch, included with the turn-down service is the next day's weather forecast placed under your chocolate.

Breakfast was included in our rate and was pretty nice. It was buffet style, with scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, fresh French yogurt, baguettes, cheeses, deli meats, juices, and cereals, all with a bottomless cup of coffee. It was more than enough to keep you going till lunchtime.

Just outside the front door and to your left is a small local grocery store, perfect for stocking up on bottled water and perhaps some cheese or fruit for a late-night snack. They also sell beer and wine if you want to save a little cash on a night cap.

A short walk from there and there's a great little bakery to get some sweets. There are also some great local restaurants around the hotel. Anyone at the front desk can give a wonderful recommendation and directions.

I simply LOVE this hotel and stay there often. It’s small and quiet and only a 5-minute walk to the nearest Metro station, either Montparnasse or Saint-Placide.

Victoria Palace Hotel Paris City Centre
Paris, France

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