Desert Quail Inn

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by quirine on August 24, 2005

The Desert Quail Inn was noted on many a travel site as affordable, cozy, and right near Sedona. It was affordable by Sedona standards, but my problem with the place is this: It was not at all cozy, since the only windows faced the parking lot, thereby not having any sort of view of the red rocks, and the bed was hard as a rock, not to mention their weak attempt at a fruit basket that sat on the smelly little fridge. Moreover, it was quite a drive to Sedona, which kind of sucks if you want to eat out at night and don't want to deal with a complicated, windy road back to the motel. The outlet mall across the street was no big deal and took us all of 10 minutes to stroll through. The only three saving graces are that the motel is right behind a nice, big grocery store and it's near the lovely Cafe Rustica restaurant and the super-great breakfast joint Brooklyn Cafe. The hotel staff was friendly and the pool was decent, but, overall, I don't think this place was worth it. Pay the extra money and enjoy yourself! I would recommend staying near town by the restaurants or as close to Slide Rock State Park as possible.
Desert Quail Inn
6626 Hwy. 179
Sedona, Arizona, 86351
(800) 385-0927

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