Gloucestershire Hotel

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by smilingtraveller on December 31, 2005

The hotel is clean and very accessible to the Doctor's Cave beach. The hotel staff members are polite and able to help a foreigner such as myself survive Jamaica all by herself! My room had one queen-size bed, two lamps, a private bathroom, a safe, a TV ,and phone access. The decor is that bland flower print. I could do cartwheels in my room, it was so spacious for one soul, although many offers were made to keep me company! There's a safe to put your possessions in if you take any with you. I took my laptop to download pictures.

The hotel has its own tourist information centre and an individual can plan trips for you instantly and with ease.

The breakfast every morning is lovely. They serve ackee (fruit) and plantains (like a banana but inedible if raw), which are local dishes, along with tea, oatmeal, fruit, bacon, eggs, toast, muffins---the setup is lovely, and it was really, really nice to get breakfast in the morning and find an interesting place for lunch and dinner.

The pool is great, but nobody uses it because there's a beach right next door! I wish they had more than one hot tub because that seemed to be the busiest place in the back. I put it in as a suggestion, so perhaps you'll see another one if you go, after reading my review, of course!

If you're between 21 and 60, it's the place for you. You'll feel safe. They lock up early, but there's a guard to allow you back in when you're out late from dancing and wining. They care about you at this hotel. The bar guy was friendly and a fan of football (soccer), too!

Happy travels and sweet dreams at Gloucestershire Hotel!
Gloucestershire Hotel
Gloucester Ave.
Montego Bay, Jamaica
(876) 952 4420

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