Holiday and Friend Guesthouses

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by SeenThat on August 17, 2005

A few meters up the street from the lake’s western side are the Holiday and Friend guesthouses, one in front of the other. They are managed by the same family, which is from Shan ancestry; they speak excellent English and are truly informative about the area.

You can be given a room in any of the guesthouses according to the vacancies. Each one of them is built in traditional Thai wood stilt houses around a central courtyard. The rooms are simple but clean, with shared bathrooms, and include a basic mattress and a fan. The Friend part, which is where the owners live, has a few rooms with private bathrooms. The price for the regular rooms is 100 Baht, but after my first visit there, I recommended the place to some friends, and when I returned, the owners refused to take more than 80.

They have bicycles for rent and offer guided tours of the area in their own jeep. The location of the place is fabulous; you are between the lake and the morning market and just behind from the main axial road of the town, Thanon Khunlumprapas. Mae Hong Son is one of the few places in Thailand where you can find un-pickled mapang fruits, and Holiday’s courtyard is just the perfect place to sit and eat them with the family managing the place while hearing stories about northern Thailand.

Holiday Guesthouses
Thanon Pradit Jongkham
Mae Hong Son, Thailand

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