Casa Oro

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by Baudet on November 13, 2004

This hostel has a great location is San Juan del Sul on the Pacific coast. During the day, when you walk out to the beach, you can see many ships anchored in the bay. The bay cove has towering rock walls that jut up from either side of the water. Both sides of the bay are being developed with mansion-type beach houses. The beach has many restaurants to eat at, but I didn’t eat at any, so I have no recommendations. The beach also has beautiful sunsets at around 5pm.

The hostel advertises a lot of nice-sounding things, but it doesn’t have them upon arrival. They have signs for credit cards, but don’t except them after a certain time and fail to mention what time that is. They also advertise free use of the jacuzzi, which was empty and full of dirt. You also have free use of the barbeque pit, which I never saw. You also get a security locker that does no good, because they have no locks to let you use. Your bed also has a locker under it with a missing lock. You have to pay for everything from toilet paper (3 cordobas) to water from the water cooler (8 cordobas). You also get free use of the kitchen, which includes a three-burner stovetop that only has one working burner. Around dinnertime, a line forms waiting to use the stove, so either plan on an early dinner or eating out. The two dorm rooms have six bunk beds each, made from metal frames with three-inch mattresses and pillows not included. When you check in, they give you a fitted sheet, sheet, and pillow case (for the pillow you don’t get). Also advertised is money exchange, but they don’t have enough money to exchange your money.

The positives of the hostel would have to be the location. They give you a voucher for the Internet café down the street that gives you an hour of use for 20 cordobas. The store across the street also has a problem with using credit cards after a certain time, but the owner will give you store credit if you come in too late, and you won't have to pay until the next day. My friend went into the store and tried to use a credit card, and the owner said to take $20 worth of stuff and pay me in the morning. Because there aren’t many places to stay in San Juan, this is unfortunately the best. I’ve even heard of other hostels robbing their guests while they are out. In short, this place is basically a tourist trap that I would not return to.

Casa Oro
San Juan Del Sul
Granada, Nicaragua

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