Casa Oro Hostel

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by dannynosleeves on November 10, 2004

Casa Oro is right in the middle San Juan del Sur. It has a nice location and is one of the safer places to stay on a budget here. The budget hostels in this small fishing village fill up quickly. I have heard stories about the other budget hostels in the city robbing their own guests, so be careful about where you stay.

The Casa Oro advertised a lot of things they don’t have, and the things they do have aren’t quite what they say they are.

They offer free use of the kitchen, but it only has one three-burner stove, which only has one working burner so line for the stove can be long at night. They offer free use of the barbeque, which I didn’t see at all. They advertise a free Jacuzzi, which wasn’t working and was filled with mud. Maybe it’s some type of new herbal Jacuzzi?!

They also advertise free lockers. They are indeed free, but are useless unless you have your own locks, so keep that in mind. There are also lockers under the beds, but you must have a lock as well. I kept my stuff under the bed and never really worried about it.

They also say that they accept credit cards, but half the time, they don’t, so make sure you get money before you get here because there is no close bank. They also charge you for everything. Water is 8c for a liter, toilet paper is 3c, and it’s 7c for a soda. Yes, water is more expensive than soda. It’s like that everywhere.

The only have two dorm rooms($5) with 12 beds and two private rooms, so it fills up fast.

The one plus to the place is that it’s close to the beach and town. The clerks at the shop on the corner are very friendly. My friend went in and wanted to use a credit card, but the owner said the machine doesn’t work after 5pm, and then he gave my friend $20 store credit-all he did was write his name down. Nicaragua by far has the nicest people in all of Central America.

Casa Oro
San Juan Del Sul
Granada, Nicaragua

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