Member Rating 2 out of 5 by smokeysf on October 4, 2004

Disappointing accomodations. Food was OK. Camped here, but it was dirty. Yes, it had a pool. My AT&T GSM worked throughout the park.

Here we started seeing more giraffe and greater numbers of the same animal. (Not herds yet). Absolutely no wildlife at watering hole - although it was a beautiful wateringhole. (AGAIN WE WERE THERE RIGHT AFTER THE RAINY SEASON, THERE WAS A LOT OF WATER ON THE PAN.) We talked to some others who had been there in the dry season and they said that it was amazing to see the animals come for water. Herds and Herds and herds, one after the other. Thousands of animals in groups and an occasional kill by a predator.

Halali Rest Camp
Halfway Between Okaukuejo and Namuton
Etosha National Park, Namibia


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