Hyatt Regency Grand Cayman

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Alias Girl on August 26, 2004

There are actually two halves or sides to this hotel. The main part of the hotel is located inland and the beach side houses many suites and rooms facing the beach and poolside views. This is where our room was located.

At first, we thought this was strange to be across the street from the main hotel but actually we got used to it. It wasn't a big deal and the change of scenery only added to the experience. We would go back and forth between sides using the covered overpass and use both pools. We actually preferred the pool on the main hotel side in the mornings and then the pool on the beach side in the afternoons. Don't ask why, just as crowds come in we move out...It also depended on our evening plans, water sports - they are all located on the beach side. Try both and then you can choose your favorite.

Our room, by the way, was very large and elegantly decorated. We had a balcony, which we love and always use for evening chill time and early morning-room service breakfast. Food and service was always very good!

I highly recommend this hotel. We were very satisfied. I would go back in a second. Cayman is expensive but a relaxing trip with tons of fun in the sun.

Unique Qualities:
The coolest thing at this hotel is the swim up bars!

Beachside has a smaller bar (and smaller pool) that faces the beach. The other pool has a larger bar. I was told it was in a movie with Gene Hackman and Tom Cruise, The Firm.

The drinks were awesome…we had our favorites, no idea of the name. Picked right from the drink menu. The bartenders were very friendly.

Visit the Spa located at the Hyatt Regency; we had massages and couldn't complain. (Visit concierge to reserve your appointment ASAP). As always for spas, arrive early to detox and take your time cooling down before your treatment i.e. massage, facial etc. Drink plenty of fluids right after.

Grand Cayman Beach Suites
Seven Mile Beach
Grand Cayman, West Indies, 634 GT
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