The Ritz Beach Resort

Member Rating 1 out of 5 by kndl on November 27, 2005

I gave my sister and her husband a guest certificate so they and their 2 girls could go on a nice vacation. When they got to this resort, their accommodations were extremely lacking. They had a 2 floor suite. The upstairs bathroom was not cleaned when they were allowed to check in. There was some one's leftover toothpaste still in the sink when they arrived. Plus, there were no bath or beach towels. (They always had to beg the staff to get towels for them.) The stairs to the 2nd floor were made of metal and were very steep. They were a dangerous amenity to the room. The walls, counters and ceiling were stucco that harbored mold which was prevalent throughout the room. The air conditioning didn't work for 2 days in very humid conditions and the housekeeping staff only cleans the rooms/makes the beds twice a week. On top of that, the housekeeping staff was nasty and rude. Parts of the resort are still being renovated due to the 2004 hurricane season damage it sustained. The amusement/water park that was advertised is not in operation and most of the rooms are still being re-built. Constant construction noise. The only saving grace was the pool (it's terrific) and the food. Other than that, stay away from this place until they're done fixing it and until they get new housekeeping employees.
Ritz Beach Resort
Jolly Rodger Drive
Freeport, Bahamas
242 373-4677

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