Jan Luyken

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by FlyBalletGuy on May 5, 2004

My room in Amsterdam at the Bilderberg Jan Luyken was, along with my hotel in Paris, the smallest room I stayed in, and the most expensive (90 EUR/night), but Amsterdam is a very expensive city for hotels. The 90 EUR/night rate was a significant discount, and I was in Amsterdam on Queensday, a national holiday and a difficult day to get a room (I had no luck on Priceline), or to travel on that matter.

Though it’s a four-star hotel, I didn’t feel the hotel was particularly luxurious, though it did have a teeny tiny marble bathroom! But it was higher quality with more available services than the other hotels I stayed in. They also had my room ready for me very early in the morning. Even though the room was small it was quite comfortable, but you couldn’t bring a guest back to visit.

The breakfast buffet smells nice here, but is now 17 EUR (it was 13 at last report) so I found more reasonable alternatives. There is also a small handsome wine bar that serves appetizers, but I did not eat there. The street near the hotel was very noisy though I wasn’t in the main areas for nightlife. I was woken up each night by drunken partiers screaming in the street. This may be a problem in more of Amsterdam than here.

Bilderberg Hotel Jan Luyken
Amsterdam, Netherlands


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