Fairfield Resort Nashville

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by lprstn on June 1, 2005

Check-in was a breeze, and the people were very hospitable. This resort was rather small compared to others we have stayed in. We stayed for 5 days of our week, and were in a one-bedroom deluxe, which was enough room for us all. The bed was very comfortable; however, the pull-out couch was a little overused. They were painting the resort, and the upkeep was apparent, as they were painting the outside while we were there. Each unit had a washer/dryer and all the kitchen amenities needed. The two-bedroom units had a balcony.

They weren't pushy with their timeshare presentations (just turn down the survey if you are not interested).

There are two pools on the grounds, and the playground is one of the best I've seen, as it has a soft turf for the kids. We drove to the Opry Mills Mall and walked over to the Grand Ole Opry Museum. Prices for activities for kids aren't too bad, and if you want to take the kids to Dollywood, be prepared to drive 4 hours to get there. The resort had a great Welcome Party -- don't miss it, as you get a free show. They were also there really pushing the Elvis show to the point of being annoying. They had several activities on the resort that involved singers coming in to entertain, and the shows were free or reasonably priced. The activites for the kids were all right, although I have been places that have so many kids activies that your kid never wants to leave. We also went to the zoo, which is rather small but a nice diversion. They have a waterpark nearby, which was kinda pricey for the size of the park, but I am willing to try an activity at least once.

I would rate the resort an 8, only because the activities on-site could improve.

Fairfield Nashville
2415 McGavock Pike
Nashville, Tennessee, 37214
(615) 871-4666


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