Mountain Lodge Serena

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Dr. Mitch on September 18, 2005

Incredible place! At 7800 feet elevation, this Lodge is in a very thick, cloud forest. It sits on raised pillars with wood slat exterior to blend into the forest like a gigantic hunter's hide. Rooms are shoebox shaped and rather small but very comfortable. Rooms are wood paneled. Beds are covered in African, woven blankets (you will need them as it gets VERY cold here). At night, staff place hot water bottles in the bed to warm them. Or, if you are like me, you wake up in the middle of night wondering what the warm thing is cuddling next to your leg. Bathroom is clean and adequate. Plenty of electricity and hot water. The important thing is that your entire Safari on this mountain is from your bedroom window. You are encouraged to sit at the end of the room where there are two large, stuffed chairs and peer out the large, louvered window with your binoculars. Below is a large clearing in the forest with a water hole and salt like. Large animals squeeze through the very thick forest and come into the clearing. We saw Elephants, Waterbuck, Hyena, Genets, Buffalo, Gazelle and lots of birds. Alternatively, you can observe the same from either a deck next to the upstairs bar or on a roof viewing area. A pretty neat experience. There is also an underground walkway to a small hide next to the watering hole. They even have hot tea, pillows, and electrical outlets in the hide for your viewing pleasure. There is a single computer with internet capability for a small fee. There are several staff members available to answer questions about the wildlife below. The gift shop is very well stocked with beautiful items and very reasonably priced. The restaurant is small, but the food is excellent, and service/staff were great. At dinner a staff member comes around with a clipboard to record what animals you wish to be awakened for if they make an appearance at the watering hole. There are lectures at night. During the day there is an hour long hike in the forest with armed guards. We saw lots of birds and Colobus Monkeys. It is one of the few places one can get exercise so might as well go for it. Most people actually stay only one night because the only thing you can do is peer out your window. The forest is far to thick for a Safari drive.

My ratings (1-10, 10 best):

Rooms: 8
Grounds: 10
Staff: 6
Dining/Restaurant: 6
Location: 10

Serena Mountain Lodge
Mount Kenya National Park
Nairobi, Kenya

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