Embassy Suites

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Vester on March 1, 2004

This hotel has extremely large rooms for an Embassy Suites Hotel, much larger than a normal Embassy Suites Hotel. A microwave and small refrigerator is supplied along with a bar area and a small sink. The front room has a television and area for working. The layout is great if you are there on business.

Note: there is no overhead light – only lamps. At night I would have liked it a bit brighter, but all in all that isn’t much of a complaint.

They also give you a bathrobe which is nice. Room service is very prompt and the meals were very good!!! The hotel staff is BEYOND polite. The cleaning staff is also prompt and is extremely thorough. The bathroom has a heated light which is nice. A huge mirror is in the bathroom and the entire suite is definitely comfortable. By the way, the view is incredible if you can get a room on the side of the mountains.

Extras: The breakfast is great! The evening reception is a bit sparse, but nice as well. They also have high speed Internet for a price. They have shuttles to several areas around town.

On Site Athletic Club: The Athletic Club of Denver is located on the second floor of the hotel. This place is awesome! It has a pool, saunas, whirlpool. Aerobics classes are the very best that I have ever taken in my life (no kidding). The weight room is great, and the staff is excellent. This place was voted as one of the 10 BEST ATHLETIC CLUBS in the United States!!! Yoga, Pilates, aerobics... Man, everything is here. If you are a Hilton Honors Gold member, tell the front desk at the hotel, and you will be able to get to use it for FREE!!! Honestly, do not hesitate to use this place. It is unbelievable!!!

Note: There is a STARBUCKS on the premises too, yum!! :)

The Neighborhood: The 16th Street Mall which is a mile long stretch of shops is literally two blocks away. There are several retail shops around, including places like Walgreens etc. The hotel is in the downtown area, close to everything downtown and the Lower Downtown (LoDo) area. I was there for two weeks, and I did notice that I was woken up quite a number of times because of sirens (police, fire, etc.)

Other notes: The only downside is that the hotel parking is $19.00 a night. If you tell them you are staying for business for an extended period of time they might drop it down to $9.00. Also, it is valet parking so be prepared to tip for that. There are a couple of other parking lots near the hotel that are outside that are cheaper per day in case you were wanting to look to save some money. Also, since it is downtown there aren’t really any grocery stores, etc. But you can find snacks, etc. at the 16th Street Mall area.

The Ritz-Carlton Denver
1881 Curtis St.
Denver, Colorado, 80202
(303) 312-3800


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