Hedonism III

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Sarah the Expat on April 2, 2004

Wow. Room was brightly decorated and lovely with a jet tub big enough for two and a view of the beach. Though we hadn't intended to come to an adults-only resort, the lack of children was enjoyable. The resort was a bit empty, so probably not as wild as it could have been, which was fine with us. Still, we learned not to bat an eye when women wearing nothing but body paint on their boobs walked by, or when we witnessed some. . .oral love. . taking place in a hot tub. Definitely not a place for prudes!

The food was spectacular, the staff incredibly friendly, and the guys who taught me to scuba dive were fantastic! If I had the cash, I'd be back in a second.

Hedonism III

Runaway Bay, Jamaica


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