Big Ruby's

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Andrea H. on October 22, 2003

First of all, this is a gay bed and breakfast.

They don't mind if straight people stay there, but you must not be prejudiced.

The accommodations are very nice and very, very, clean. Color TV/VCRs are in every room with your own air-conditioner so you can control how you want the temperature in your room to be. There are no phones in the rooms, this is so you can really relax. There is a house phone and the B&B will accept calls on your behalf if you must get them. Sumptuous towels, not those tiny, thin towels that you so often get when you go on vacation. A delicious breakfast is served in the morning that will carry you through till the afternoon.

The pool has a small built-in waterfall that gives off a wonderful water sound. Around the pool there is lush tropical greenery and there a wonderful outdoor sound system that plays soothing music while you relax by the pool. There is a great jungle-like ambience. Behind the pool, hidden from view, there is an outdoor shower. You can use it to rinse off before you enter the pool or use it to take a shower. I much preferred showering there to showering in my room because the water pressure was much better and my bathroom was not full of steam after my shower. The towels they give you are big enough to cover up a 240-pound person with towel to spare.

They have a nude sunbathing area, which is not for the fainthearted.

Their location is not far from the main drag (no pun intended) in town. If you stay there you do not need a car to have access to main sight seeing areas. Restaurants are all within walking distance. Remember, Key West is small. If you like to go clubbing, you will not need to drive anywhere.

Big Ruby's Guest House
409 Applerouth LN
Key West, Florida, 33040
(305) 296-2323

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