Hôtel la Colombe

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Invicta73 on September 30, 2003

There is not exactly a large selection of accommodation options in Timbuktu, which is probably quite unsurprising. Indeed, it might feel a little disappointing if the situation proved to be any other way, given the nature of the place! Unfortunately, some of the few potentially decent establishments are either relatively expensive, poorly located, or popular with hustlers. However, I was lucky enough to stay in the charming Hôtel la Colombe, which in my opinion, is the best choice in the city, mainly because none of the aforementioned problems apply.

Physically, the small hotel is a rather ordinary example of the region's modern day architecture, whilst inside the décor and furnishings are based on local styles in a simple and by no means plush manner. Nevertheless, the average sized rooms are cosy, and each has its own bathroom, a television, and a quite old, but fairly effective, air-conditioning unit.

Although there is a lack of high-end facilities such as a pool, the restaurant and bar on the premises are rather good. On offer are very palatable set breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, whilst the usual selection of drinks is constantly available. However, it is the setting on the first floor roof terrace that is the real draw, because the scenes of everyday life occurring below on Rue Askia Mohammed, the main thoroughfare through the centre, rarely fail to be engaging. Finally, one other attractive feature is that the members of staff are genuinely friendly and always do their utmost to make the guests feel welcome.

Hôtel la Colombe
Rue Askia Mohammed
Timbuktu, Mali
+223 921 435


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