Hôtel de la Cloche

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Invicta73 on May 19, 2004

Finding somewhere to stay whilst travelling that is both pleasant and affordable is always highly satisfying, but doing so in cities such as Geneva that cater more used for big spending visitors can be a real challenge. Therefore, I was delighted to discover the Hôtel de la Cloche, which was incredibly cheap by local standards and also very nice.

The establishment is located close to the waterfront on a quiet street corner in the fairly central and relatively colourful Pâquis district. Although not competing in terms of lavish amenities with the immense Noga Hilton that is just across the road and other similarly high cost accommodations in the vicinity, it is a fraction of the price and has much more character.

The hotel is based on the first floor of a 19th century apartment block in what would have once been a quite grand private residence, and that is exactly what it still looks like. In fact, the homely aesthetic combined with the warmth of the greeting upon arrival made gave the impression that I had actually entered a friend’s residence. However, such a past also means that space is limited, so making an advance reservation is advisable.

Nevertheless, the bedrooms do feel spacious, and the vintage furnishings, cleanliness and attention to simple comforts together serve to create a cosy atmosphere that more than makes up for a lack of top end facilities. In addition, for a slight extra cost, it is possible to enjoy the moderate luxury of an en-suite shower and toilet, rather than using the shared bathrooms in the corridor.

Finally, one typically charming touch is that, despite a lack of a designated dining space, breakfast is not only still served, but is also included in the rate. The ever helpful staff simply prepare an offering of tea or coffee with wonderfully fresh bread, butter and jam, and bring it to the room at a pre-agreed time along with a friendly smile and a happy "Bonjour", which was always a lovely way to start the day.

Hôtel de la Cloche
Rue de la Cloche
Geneva, Switzerland
(41) 22 732 9481


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