Hotel Dubrovnik, Zagreb

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by SaraP on May 28, 2003

This holds itself out as a business hotel and charges accordingly, but actually seems to cater primarily for tourist groups, particularly coach parties of German and American travellers.

On the plus side, it's very big and unlikely to run short on rooms even in the busy season. It's also right on the main square with easy access to all of the outdoor cafes and amenities that this entails and, though rather unattractive inside and oddly laid out (rather too many walls of Perspex blocks for my liking although they do at least make it quite light inside), it has the usual minibar/TV/AC facilities you'd expect (though, being picky, again not quite commensurate with the price). Despite apparently having been recently renovated, it's still a little tatty around the edges (occasional peeling paint work and stained or fraying carpet) and the service at reception was somewhat iffy and unpolished (long queues, no bellboy, surly receptionist heaving a sigh at every small request).

So-so breakfasts are served in the attached Piccolo Mondo pizza joint next door (including last night's cold leftover pasta if you're so inclined). It's not bad (cereals, toast, a few pieces of yesterday's fruit, some cold cuts/cheese) although again you might expect waitress service and fresh (rather than coffee-machine) coffee for the price of the hotel and juice rather than squash.

A 10% reduction for dinner/lunch at the Piccolo Mondo comes by showing your room key but, unless the pasta was a great deal better first time around than it was next morning at breakfast, I wouldn't bother for the prices.

Overall, I'd give it 5/10, and to be honest there are few reasonably priced hotel alternatives in town so you may have little choice and pay a little over the odds to stay somewhere quiet and central.

Hotel Dubrovnik
Gateva 1 Zagreb
Zagreb, Croatia
(385) 148-3555

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