Aloha Hotel

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by panda2 on April 29, 2003

Aloha Hotel is nice and clean. The hotel safe at the front desk is standard hotel fare. The water in the thermos in the room was filled from the tap. Even though this is a decent hotel, we didn't want to drink the water directly from the tap. The hotel had a relatively convenient location in relation to places we wanted to go.

The staff, for the most part, is friendly, but they've been spoiled by Japanese tourists who don't know the value of money and throw it away at the people here. When I had a mango shake delivered, I gave the delivery guy a very small tip, and his smile disappeared.

On the day of our departure for the airport, I insisted on a metered taxi ride. The first taxi I stopped wouldn't go by the meter and wanted a fare I refused to accept. This driver decided to park on the side of the street and just watch me for entertainment. I must have gone through four others, and each time, the same thing happened. They wouldn't go on the meter. And each time, I got more frustrated and angry till I was literally jumping up and down. Finally, perhaps the sixth driver I approached was an honest one and would go on the meter, ending the first taxi's entertainment.

Aloha Hotel
2150 Roxas Boulevard., Malate
Manila, Philippines
(2) 599 061

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